Bio Mechanism Study

Grant PIs include:

NIH R01 – Renee Heffron & Heather Jaspan

FHI360 Fellowship – Jen Deese

ECHO biological mechanisms working group (BMWG)

  • Liaises with ECHO ops committee and management committee
  • Developed 1 standard set of samples to be collected at each participating site
  • Membership is open to any ECHO team members (you can join if you want)

Biological mechanisms linking contraceptive use and HIV

  • The primary goal of ECHO is to compare the risk of HIV infection among women assigned to use three different contraceptive methods (copper IUD, Jadelle implant, DMPA Injectable)
  • By addressing this goal, we will still not answer the question about how any of these contraceptives could increase HIV risk.
  • Studies of biological mechanisms will permit to investigate possible pathways through which contraceptives could increase HIV risk
  • In addition, these studies will provide important information for the development of new contraceptives and products that combine contraception with HIV prevention (called MPT or multipurpose prevention technologies
  • To participate in the ancillary study, participants must be consented to protocol v3.0 or higher in ECHO.
  • The consent form used for protocol v3.0 + includes the additional samples being collected for the ancillary study (BM).